Prime Minister Stefan Yanev: The focus of the new caretaker government: the protection of the Bulgarian citizens’ interests in the best way


I will continue to work conscientiously and responsibly in the interest of my country as the cause is one: Bulgaria and its prosperity. The Prime Minister made the statement upon the assumption of office of the new caretaker government. The Prime Minister thanked President Rumen Radev for the trust and appreciation of what the previous caretaker government had done so far and assured that the new caretaker government would likewise work in the best way to deserve the confidence placed in it.


Prime Minister Stefan Yanev highlighted the main areas where the new caretaker government would focus its effort. First of all, Mr. Yanev pointed out the organization of fair and transparent elections. “Elections are the foundation stone of democracy,” he said and expressed his hope that the Bulgarian electorates would be sufficiently mobilized and motivated to go to the polling stations soon so that there would be an effective and constructive configuration of political parties as represented in the future parliament. “The State is not free to function in a permanent political crisis. We need a government that will have the support of a stable parliamentary representation to effect changes and to offer meaningful political ideas and visions which will be supported by the appropriate bills,” the Prime Minister said firmly.


Prime Minister Stefan Yanev noted that the coming months would not be easy and that even more efforts would be required so that the Bulgarian citizens’ problems be solved in the best way and that tending new crises be averted. “I am confident that the caretaker government will meet this difficult challenge and will make every effort to protect the Bulgarian citizens’ interests in the best way,” Mr. Yanev said further.


In conclusion, Prime Minister Stefan Yanev thanked his colleagues with whom he had worked together over the past four months for the well done teamwork. “The assessment of our work will be made by the Bulgarian citizens for it is society that is the fairest judge,” the Prime Minister added.