Prime Minister Kiril Petkov: The democratic world is not to be bullied


Our major task is to continue the fight against corruption. This is more than a national policy. This is, among other things, the bridling of Russia’s influence in Bulgaria. It is important that in this battle we work together – at the level of Europe and NATO, and at the bilateral Bulgaria-US level, too. This is what Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stated at a meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham).


The Prime Minister underlined the serious support that Bulgaria received following the unilateral shutoff of gas supplies. “We have shown that the democratic world is not to be bullied and that we are strong when we stand together. We have shown that it is a matter of will to achieve speedier diversification and to negotiate the best possible gas prices,” Kiril Petkov said.


Further, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov declared that the new perspective to view the strategic Bulgaria-US partnership would open up new prospects for both countries and a new investment gate for Europe.