Prime Minister Kiril Petkov: Our Tzarevna crewmembers are safe back in Bulgaria


“The Bulgarian crewmembers of the Tzarevna bulk carrier are safe back in Bulgaria. I am glad that they are in good health and that they rejoined their families. This is good news for all Bulgaria,” said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov who welcomed the rescued sailors from the Tzarevna vessel in Varna.


The Prime Minister expressed his deep gratitude to all institutions that were involved in the rescue operation. “The only thing that mattered for us was the health and life of the Bulgarians on board the ship. We have achieved a very good result and now our focus is to bring assistance to Rojen, a ship in the port of Chernomorsk,” Kiril Petkov said. He described the situation there as less worrisome. The Rojen sailors have food supplies to subsist in the next three months and their objective is for the whole crew on board to sail away from the zone of the conflict.


“We’ve been in touch with the Tzarevna captain all the time since 13 March,” said Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska who was at Varna Airport together with the Prime Minister. The operation was organized by Bulgaria’s Government and in extremely good coordination between all institutions to which this matter is relevant, Mrs. Genchovska said firmly.