Prime Minister Galab Donev meets EU Ambassadors and Commission Representation in Bulgaria


Prime Minister Galab Donev held a working meeting with the Ambassadors of the EU member states and with the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria. Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Milkov attended the meeting that took place in Boyana Residence.


In the course of the meeting, Prime Minister Galab Donev highlighted the consistent efforts of the Caretaker Government to perform its duty both for the organization of fair and transparent elections and for the efficient function of the Executive.


Prime Minister Galab Donev reiterated that the accession to the Schengen Area and the Euro Area remains as Bulgaria’s leading priority and stated his expectation that progress would be made towards these areas in the coming months. The Prime Minister emphasized that Bulgaria met the Schengen accession criteria in 2011. As a sign of goodwill, Bulgaria declared its willingness to host in September a team of experts coordinated by the European Commission who would confirm the level of implementation of the Schengen acquis.


Regarding the preparations for the switch to the Euro, Prime Minister Galab Donev said that that the execution of the national plan as approved earlier this year is under way and that 1 January 2024 continues to be our target date.


Bulgaria’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was a matter that the Prime Minister brought to the attention of the EU Ambassadors and the Commission’s Representation. Prime Minister Galab Donev thanked for the partners’ support provided in the process of the extension of an invitation for OECD membership. The Prime Minister stressed the Caretaker Government’s dedicated work to draw up an Initial Memorandum whose first draft should be prepared by the end of this month.


The complicated international situation, including the war in Ukraine, was likewise discussed at the working meeting.


Prime Minister Galab Donev answered a number of questions on the topics discussed at the meeting.