Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev: I look forward to understanding and regular government to serve full term in office



It is important that the European Parliament sit in session as soon as possible and that the arms that it approves follow due. This was stated by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev before the opening of the informal EU leaders’ meeting. The Heads of State and Government met in Brussels today to discuss institutional issues following the European elections. The Prime Minister pointed out that the discussions are at an initial stage and that no specifics can be provided for the time being while he had expectations for more clarity on the key positions at the next regular European Council meeting. We appeal for a quick understanding, Mr. Glavchev pointed out. As he said, November is the realistic forecast for the constitution of the new European Commission. We are still far from speaking about the Bulgarian European Commissioner’s portfolio; first, the President of the European Commission should be elected, the Prime Minister said further.


Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev looks forward to the quick convocation of Bulgaria’s National Assembly and the formation of a regular government. The Prime Minister expressed his hope that the Members of Parliament would come to terms as, in his opinion, this would be best for the Bulgarian citizens as well. I hope that the first nomination will form a regular cabinet, Mr. Glavchev added and noted that this is the fastest path for a cabinet to come into office.