Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev: Elections – fair and transparent


The elections were carried in a fair and transparent manner, as was the main task of the Caretaker Government, said Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev when he spoke to the media in Berlin. The Prime Minister noted that the good organization was recognized, inter alia, by the mission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) that visited Bulgaria as an observer of the elections for the National Assembly and for the European Parliament. Mr. Glavchev expressed his hope that soon a regular government and a stable parliament would be in place and serve for the whole term in office. He underscored that this would be a matter of discussion among the political parties in the National Assembly.


Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev is in Berlin today to attend the Ukraine Recovery Conference, which is the third forum in a row. The two preceding forums were hosted by Lugano and London and a conference is to be held in Italy. “We all, each one of the countries, want to demonstrate our support for Ukraine in every aspect, and to the extent that we can afford,” the Prime Minister noted before the opening of the event.