Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev: Bulgaria’s NATO membership provides security guarantees


“Bulgaria’s NATO membership provides the strongest security guarantees to Bulgarian citizens. It was a civilizational choice that was a source of inspiration and motivation to several generations of Bulgarians; it was a powerful incentive to effect important reforms and to promote democratic values and it contributed to the development, peace and prosperity of the country.” This was stated by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev at the opening of the plenary sitting of the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Sofia.


The Prime Minister underscored that the Alliance continues as heretofore to be an irreplaceable guarantor for Bulgaria’s security and prosperity and said that facing the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the member states should remain united and strongly committed to their support for Ukraine and should invest a lot more in deterrence and defense capabilities. Dimitar Glavchev pointed out that the support for Ukraine and the reestablishment of that country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are essential for the maintenance of lasting peace in Europe. “It is our collective duty to continue our unwavering support for Ukraine and its people. The role of national parliaments is of utmost importance in ensuring our long-term and sustainable support. Bulgaria remains firmly committed to support for Ukraine as long as needed,” the Prime Minister vowed.


In his speech, the Prime Minister noted that no region in NATO and the EU has been so affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine in such a severe way as the Black Sea region. The need to apply a strategic approach to the Black Sea was one of the major conclusions of the Second Black Sea Security Conference within the framework of the International Crimea Platform held in Sofia in April 2024, the Prime Minister recalled. Dimitar Glavchev pointed out that Bulgaria is a staunch supporter for such an approach to the Black Sea region to make meaningful the assessment of its strategic importance.


The Prime Minister noted that in recent years NATO provided further proofs of its importance and ability to adapt to the growing challenges confronting security. “I am convinced that we must stick to this course of high ambitions, especially at the Washington Summit. Ukraine should be a focal point as we expect concrete results to ensure a stable and predictable long-term tool to support Ukraine’s security which tool would be amply and durably financially resourced,” the Prime Minister said. The improvement of the interoperability of the Ukrainian armed forces will throw a bridge to the country’s future NATO membership. Dimitar Glavchev expects also that the discussions at the Washington Summit will give special attention to the regions of the Black Sea and the Western Balkans.


Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev assured the participants in the plenary meeting that involvement in ally and partner initiatives strengthens our resilience and encourages an all-inclusive approach to these challenges. In this connection, the proposal to establish a Center for Democratic Resilience within the NATO Headquarters, launched five years ago and incorporated into the Strategic Concept of the Alliance, assumes increasing importance in the context of the continual hybrid attacks by authoritarian regimes against our democratic systems.


“Now, more than ever before, we must demonstrate our unity and our determination to address effectively current and future challenges and threats. NATO was not established for confrontation and was given a positive agenda to protect our values of freedom and democracy,” Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev concluded.