Prime Minister Acad. Nikolai Denkov in the State of Israel: You have our full support; we stand by your side


The State of Israel and the Israeli people have our full support; we stand by your side. The position was voiced by Prime Minister Acad. Nikolai Denkov at his meetings with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and with the President Isaac Herzog during his one-day visit to Jerusalem. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel is a member of Acad. Nikolai Denkov’s delegation.


“We are aware of the difficult times today and that’s why we are here. We were all shocked by the terrorist attacks that killed so many innocent people in Israel,” Bulgaria’s Prime Minister said to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. Acad. Nikolai Denkov assured the President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog that Bulgaria would provide humanitarian support with anything needed, including a mission of medical doctors. “You can count on us,” said Acad. Nikolai Denkov.


The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the release as soon as possible of all hostages while before that the International Committee of the Red Cross should get immediate access to them. “I commend your efforts to protect the lives of innocent people. During today’s discussions I saw that you are doing your best under these difficult circumstances,” Acad. Nikolai Denkov said.


Bulgaria is very much worried about the developments in the Gaza Strip and knows how difficult the situation in the region is and how important the course of the war is for the safeguarding of peace. “We recognize your right to defend the State of Israel and your people. You have every right to fight against the terrorists, as what they have done is unimaginable. Hamas and its entire military and administrative structure must be eliminated as otherwise there will be no lasting peace,” Acad. Nikolai Denkov said further.


The Prime Minister and the President of the State of Israel thanked Bulgaria’s Prime Minister for Bulgaria’s unwavering support.


Within his visit to Jerusalem, the Prime Minister met with relatives of kidnapped citizens in Gaza. “We will do everything that we can to help them. This is a nightmare; it is important that we are humane. We must stay together,” Acad. Nikolai Denkov said to them after he heard their stories of what happened after the outbreak of the war.