Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a telephone conversation with the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte regarding the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Borissov expressed his support and solidarity with Italy, which is the hardest hit country in Europe. The two heads of government discussed the effective measures that each of the two countries are taking to curb the virus. During the conversation, Borisov and Conte exchanged views on COVID-19 diagnostic tests, on medicines and medical supplies in the treatment of patients infected with the virus.


"The pandemic is a scourge for the whole world. There is no country that is not worried. That is why we must all be united and act with solidarity in order to protect the health of our citizens and to overcome the contagion," said Boyko Borissov. The Bulgarian Prime Minister underlined that all countries are obliged to continue the fight against COVID-19 through continuous mutual assistance and close cooperation in the exchange of successful treatment practices. Borissov noted during the conversation that in addition to the imposed measures for social distancing, the work to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic in support of business should also continue.


During the conversation, Prime Minister Borissov informed his colleague Conte about the rapid and successful reorganization of the activity of the Bulgarian industry during the state of emergency. Boyko Borissov noted that our companies manufacture protective clothing, helmets and masks that have already reached the medical staff working directly with patients with COVID-19. “The Bulgarian industry produces goods of high-quality. They are currently being distributed to all in need. Today, 100 protective pieces of clothing will be sent to the Republic of North Macedonia, "the Bulgarian Prime Minister said during the conversation.