I have always believed that united we stand stronger and it will be wrong if, like President Radev, I divide the nation; therefore, I won’t be the nomination for Prime Minister and will nominate a high-profile pro-European and pro-NATO person. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in Veliko Turnovo. Mr. Borissov pointed out that the new cabinet to be nominated by the political party that the voters placed on top will demonstrate continuity and renewal. The Prime Minister was firm that it was extremely important to take a responsible approach to the construction of a new government, especially in the ongoing pandemic and its severe socioeconomic implications.


Prime Minister Borissov pointed out that as a politician who has been actively involved in European politics for a decade he could give examples of European states where no one threatens with caretaker governments that bring reprisals and fear. In Mr. Borissov’s understanding, the question of whether a caretaker government arouses fear shows that doubts are felt that it would be a democratic government. “Why should a political party be afraid and who would want to scare us and why would they? The people had their say on all their lies and manipulations”, Prime Minister Borissov said further.


The Prime Minister stressed that political parties should demonstrate wisdom and responsibility and that the parties that are capable to form a government should not shirk. “Let emotions subside, let hatred pour away but after that they should accept responsibility rather than succumb to base passions,” Mr. Borissov appealed. The Prime Minister pointed out that there was a shortage of experts and of men of vision and therefore it would be important to approach governance with responsibility.


Prime Minister Boyko Borissov stressed that the current government had fulfilled its government program and recalled the achievements in the areas of income, infrastructure and Bulgaria’s major success – its accession to the ERM II and to the Banking Union. “We can show what we have achieved,” the Prime Minister noted during his visit to Veliko Turnovo. Today the cabinet allocated BGN 2 million for an overhaul and for the rebuilding of the Old Metropolitan Church in Veliko Turnovo. The church is a historic asset of the town. The Bishop of Veliko Turnovo, Gregory, said that the Government’s support was very timely and necessary for the restoration of the church.