Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a telephone conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two leaders, talking for the second time within only a month, discussed the current information about the spread of COVID-19 and disease management measures.


The focus of the conversation was the importance of reliable diagnostic methods and treatments leading to positive results for patients with coronavirus.

Netanyahu pointed out to Borissov that, at the moment, Israeli scientists have not developed a reliable enough rapid test. To date, Israel has widely used PCR testing as the only means of proving coronavirus infection. According to Netanyahu, Israel's health care system is working hard to provide the required amount to test the population, but given the availability, if possible, such tests will be sent to Bulgaria.


“COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge for the world. Therefore, the current period requires unity, solidarity and a strong commitment for saving the lives and health of citizens, as well as for overcoming the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic," said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.


The Prime Minister introduced his Israeli counterpart to the ongoing reorganization of the Bulgarian economy during the pandemic. "Our companies manufacture protective clothing that meets extremely high security and reliability requirements. They are already being used by the Bulgarian doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants and employees who have come to the forefront in the fight against COVID-19," said Prime Minister Borissov.


The Prime Minister noted that as a result of the joint efforts of the Bulgarian science and business in a few days, high-quality goggles and helmets were created in our country. "The capacity of only one of the factories is 200,000 units per month. As soon as we meet the needs for the important equipment in Bulgaria, we will be able to help other countries as well," Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said. According to him, on the basis of the capacity claimed by the companies in our country, we are going to be able to produce about 1 million masks a week.


In the course of the conversation, the two leaders expressed the hope that mobilization of world medical science would soon come to fruition and COVID-19 would turn into a manageable disease.

Another focus of Borissov and Netanyahu's conversation was the importance of the restrictive measures implemented against the spread of COVID-19. "Only in this way we can protect the health of our citizens, however difficult it may be at the moment," the Bulgarian Prime Minister said. In front of Netanyahu, Borissov emphasised that, in parallel with health care actions, the government is actively working to help the most affected sectors to overcome the socio-economic impact. "We will need a very strong response here in order to be able to regain our previous way of life," Borissov said.