Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a telephone conversation with the Secretary of State of the USA Mike Pompeo. They discussed the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the United States, which, according to both of them, is excellent and should continue to develop in the same way in the future. Pompeo pointed out that Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has done many good things for Bulgaria.


US Secretary of State congratulated Prime Minister Borissov on the modernization that the government is implementing in the defense sector and on meeting the commitment towards NATO to spend 2% of the GDP on the sector. According to Mike Pompeo, the Bulgarian Prime Minister could encourage his counterparts in NATO and Europe to also commit to meet this Euro-Atlantic goal. The US Secretary of State also highlighted the benefits of the joint training being conducted in Bulgaria.


Mike Pompeo also congratulated Prime Minister Borissov on his serious work on energy diversification. "We are building gas highways from different sources and are creating a more competitive environment," Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said. The Prime Minister briefed the US Secretary of State on the construction of the interconnector with Greece. Borissov also pointed out that our country has already received the first deliveries of liquefied natural gas from the US in June. With regard to the Belene NPP, the Prime Minister noted that we should have a wide international participation in the project implementation. 


During the conversation, the good results of security cooperation and the fight against smuggling and human trafficking were discussed. Pompeo thanked Bulgaria for its efforts regarding all of these issues, and Prime Minister Borissov said that it is important for our country to follow its Euro-Atlantic values. Borissov and Pompeo also discussed the good business climate assessments given during the Prime Minister's annual meeting with the US Chamber of Commerce and the US Embassy in Bulgaria earlier this week. Prime Minister Borissov expressed his hope that the excellent cooperation between our country and US companies will continue and expand.


Prime Minister Borissov and US Secretary of State exchanged opinions on the Balkans and the development of the region. With regard to the Republic of North Macedonia, Pompeo emphasized on the contribution of Prime Minister Borissov to the development, reached by the country, on its path to NATO and EU membership.


During the conversation, Prime Minister Borissov and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also exchanged opinions on the ongoing processes in Syria, with the Bulgarian Prime Minister voicing his concerns about the situation there.