Nikolai Denkov - Minister of Education and Science

Nikolai Denkov is an academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and an ordinary member of the Academia Europaea, professor and doctor of science (physical chemistry). The 2021 Stanford University’s ranking list named him as one of the world’s top 1% most influential scientists in his field of science. Nikolai Denkov’s publications comprise over 175 science articles. He has been cited over 8500 times in scientific literature (h-index = 47). He is the holder of 12 patents, of which six are international patents (WIPO, US, Europe) and four are foreign patents. He was the project manager of over 45 international projects.


Academician Nikolai Denkov’s scientific achievements have brought him prestigious awards: the Solvay Prize (European Colloid and Interface Society/ECIS), the Lectureship Award of the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), (Colloid and Interface Section); the Pythagoras National Award of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science.


Deputy Minister of Education and Science (2014-2016).

Minister of Education and Science (2017) and as a member of caretaker cabinets (12 May 2021-13 December 2021).


Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet elected by the 47th National Assembly on 13 December 2021.