EMIL DIMITROV - Minister of Environment and Water

Born on 20 February 1962 in Pernik.



1992: graduated from the Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics with a Master’s Degree in Economics.


1999: graduated from the University of National and World Economy with a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting.


2007: graduated from the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” with a Master’s Degree in Law.


2008: licensed to practice law under Art. 163 of the Judiciary Act before the Ministry of Justice.


Professional Experience:

  • Certified forensic accounting expert with the Ministry of Justice.


  • Registered external auditor in the public sector with the Ministry of Justice.


  • Lawyer, member of the Gabrovo Bar Association.


  • Occupations prior to 1992 in the sectors: construction, communications, teaching.


1992: appointed at the Sofia Regional Office and afterwards relocated to the General Directorate of Public and Financial Control with the Ministry of Finance. Positions held: auditor, chief auditor, financial expert and chief financial expert.


2001-2002: Director of the Customs Agency.


2003-2012: financial comptroller  and Deputy Manager of Financial, Legal and Administrative Operations within the Ministry of Culture units; legal adviser at Notary Chamber units.


2013: Chief Secretary of  the Pleven Regional Administration, mandated by the Council of Ministers.


Political career:

2014: MP – 43rd National Assembly, Deputy Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee and member of the Legal Affairs Committee; member of the Public Finance Subcommittee and of other ad hoc committees.


2017: MP – 44th National Assembly, member of several ad hoc committees; member of the Legal Affairs Committee and Chair of the Monitoring Committee on the Revenue Agencies and on Combatting the Parallel Economy and Smuggling.


15 January 2020: voted in office by the 44th National Assembly as Minister of Environment and Water.