KRASIMIR VALCHEV - Minister of Education and Science

Born June 9, 1975.


Krassimir Valchev has a Master’s degree in Public Finance. He has graduated from the University of Economics - Varna. Valchev has received "Budget and Financial Management" training at Duke University, USA.


Krasimir Valchev has extensive experience in the field of financing of education, as well as in evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of the European pre-accession programs.


In 2002, he started his career at the Ministry of Finance, and from 2003 to 2009 Valchev was an expert in the State Expenditures Directorate, which is involved in planning, implementing, analyzing, and evaluating budget expenditures. Krassimir Valchev participated in the development and implementation of sectoral and budgetary policies.

From September 2009 until February 2017 he was Secretary General at the Ministry of Education and Science.

From April to May 2017, Valchev served as Head of Department at the Local Government Financing Directorate at the Ministry of Finance.


Elected Minister of Education and Science on May 4, 2017