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Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov in Strasbourg: Bulgaria’s progress in recent months regarding the rule of law already yields results


“The progress that Bulgaria has made in recent months regarding the rule of law already yields results. Monitoring on our justice system has been lifted. Bulgaria placed first with the fastest progress in the justice system. The increase of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bulgaria this year is over 50% and this is a clear sign that that the Bulgarian government’s efforts are appreciated and supported.” This is what Prime Minister Acad. Nikolai Denkov said in his answer at the end of the debate with Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


In the French city, the Prime Minister stressed that the formation of his cabinet was an opportunity for pro-European government of the state. Acad. Nikolai Denkov expressed his disappointment that some of the Bulgarian MEPs did not support these efforts during the debate but tried to create a split again. “Bulgaria is a pro-European country and our cabinet will work for the European development of Bulgaria,” the Prime Minister said further.


The Prime Minister reiterated that it is extremely important that Bulgaria be fully integrated into the European structures – into Schengen and the Eurozone and it is important that the country be involved in the making of decisions for the development of Europe and that these decisions be in line with Bulgaria’s interests.


The Prime Minister recalled that Bulgaria works together with Romania for many joint projects. “We started working on programs that are intended to develop the entire infrastructure from Greece via Bulgaria to Romania, to Moldova, to Ukraine. This is part of the pan-European effort to develop the region of the Balkans,” Acad. Nikolai Denkov said.


In his conclusion, the Prime Minister commented on Bulgaria’s relations with its southwest neighbors and recalled that Bulgaria was the first country in the world to recognize North Macedonia as an independent European country. “Unfortunately, over the years, our relations have deteriorated and I don’t think that Bulgaria is to blame for that. That is why I want to state clearly that as of now Bulgaria has no other claims to North Macedonia but the ones laid down in the European Union’s decision last year,”  concluded Acad. Nikolai Denkov as he emphasized that North Macedonia must honor the agreement.