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Bulgaria’s Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria's coat of arms shall be a national symbol representing the independence and sovereignty of both the Bulgarian nation and state.


The Republic of Bulgaria's coat of arms shall be a crowned gold lion rampant quadrant in a dark gules field in the form of a shield. Atop such shield there shall be a large crown, whose archetype are the royal crowns of Bulgarian sovereigns from the Second Bulgarian Empire, comprising five crests and additionally surmounted by a crest itself. The dexter and the sinister supporter of the shield shall be two crowned gold lions rampant quadrant, facing the shield on either side. The supporters shall stand on a compartment made of two crossed fruited oak-branches. Beneath the shield contained in a white scroll with a tricolour border thrown across the oak-branches' edges shall be the motto inscribed in gold letters: "United we stand Strong".